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 How do I commission a portrait?

It really is very simple to commission a portrait. You can either choose one of the formats from the commission page and follow the links to purchase as you would with any online order or, if you're not exactly sure where your requirements sit within the categories on offer, simply drop us an email and we can discuss your portrait.

 Can I commission a portrait in a size that is not listed?

Yes. Portraits are available in a spectrum of sizes, the most popular of which are listed on this site. Should you want something different it is very likely we can do it for you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Please note that non-standard sized canvases may need to be ordered and therefore may take longer to complete.

 When can I expect to receive my painting?

Time scales vary depending on the complexity and size of portrait and current workload. A small portrait may be completed in as little as two weeks (possibly quicker if required). A large, more complex portrait may take a matter of months. We understand there will be customers who may be looking to give portraits as birthday or anniversary presents and require them by specific dates and we endeavour to meet all deadlines. It would be advisable however to get your order in as soon as possible in order to avoid any possible disappointment. We deal with all orders on a first paid, first served basis, but can prioritise orders subject to an additional charge. Please contact us for accurate estimates regarding completion times for your specific portrait.

 How much postage will I have to pay?

All commission prices include standard tracked courier delivery to the UK mainland, if you are ordering from overseas or would like to arrange a specific delivery date/time for your parcel please let us know during the order process and we can apply the relevant fees.

 When do I pay?

Since portrait commission is such a bespoke and unique product we request full payment prior to commencement of work. This also secures your place in the commission 'queue'. We will discuss your specific requirements and needs before beginning your painting to ensure you know exactly what you are ordering, how long it is likely to take and what it will look like when complete.
We showcase all previous work in our portfolio so clients have a good idea of the style of painting we produce.
You will be kept informed every step of the way during the creation of your artwork to make sure we are bringing your picture to life the way you imagined it.

 Are my online payments secure?

Yes. We accept online payments via Paypal. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a different payment method

 Can I see the painting before you send it to me?

Yes. We always send proof photographs of the finished painting to clients prior to arranging courier dispatch to ensure full satisfaction before it leaves the studio.

 What if I change my mind/ I don't like it?

Hopefully you will love your new portrait as a lot of time and effort will have gone into making sure it is exactly what you wished for. If, upon seeing the proof you are not entirely satisfied, we will do our very best to reach a compromise in order to achieve the dream portrait you are after. However, in the very unlikely event you are still not satisfied with your painting we will offer you a partial refund (without dispatching the artwork) this is because we must cover costs of materials and time spent/lost creating the portrait. For this reason we encourage our clients to be sure they are 100% sure that they want what they are ordering. Once a portrait has been dispatched we are unable to offer a refund of any kind.
To clarify: once a commission has been undertaken we cannot offer full refunds at any stage.
This does not affect your statutory rights.Please contact us for full details.

 How do you create my portrait?

We work from your photo reproducing as much detail as possible. Our 'style' is very traditional. Using methods that are tried and tested over many years experience. All paintings are produced in artist-quality acrylic medium which creates a durable and light-fast finish.

 What is the difference between oil and acrylic paint?

Acrylic paints are water based and much quicker to dry than oils, so paintings can be produced more quickly. The consistencies vary only very slightly and the application is negligable. It has been argued that oil colour looks richer and more 'natural' however, portraits painted in acrylic are typically bolder, more impactful and durable. Acrylics are believed to be more permanaent than oils, are more resistent to the effects of aging, do not yellow, fade or crack and remain flexible - an acrylic painting may be re-stretched or rolled up for future storage without its paint cracking.

 Do you have a gallery I could visit?

As all commissions are painted to order we do not keep enough 'stock' to fill a gallery space. We do however partake in several arts and craft fairs during the year at which we do exhibit examples of our work.Please see our events page for details of fairs we will be attending this calendar year.

 What countries do/have you shipped to?

We ship our artwork globally and some of the countries that have examples of our work already hanging in their homes include Finland, Canada, USA, Norway, Germany and Puerto Rico!
If you would like your portrait dispatched to anywhere other then UK mainland please contact us for an accurate shipping quote based on your destination.

 What information do I need to provide in order for you to achieve a good likeness?

Primarily we need a good, clear photograph of the subject(s) in question. This photograph will be the pose that will be represented in the painting.
The photograph(s) needs to be clear and in focus. It should be easy to make out facial features (and any other detail you require in the painting) The clearer the features are the better the portrait will be.
Please ensure the photograph is well lit. Flash photography tends to flatten features so a photograph taken in natural light is more ideal.

Please feel free to contact us if you are not sure of your photographs suitablity.

 How do I submit my photograph?

The easiest way to send your photo is via email. This will require either a scan of the original photgraph or copy of the digital version. Either way, please send photographs as high quality jpeg files set at as high a resoultion as possible, minimum 300dpi. If you are scanning your image please send a file at the same size as the scanned picture.
Once you have begun your enquiry with us we will be in contact with an email address to send your images to.
If you are unable to send a digital copy of your image we will provide you with an address to which you can send a 'hard copy' which will be returned to you with the completed portrait.

 Can you combine more than one photo in a portrait?

This is by far one of the main reasons people choose to have their portraits hand painted, unlike with photographic prints it is entirely possible to combine several images into one painting.
There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing your photos, for example you need to consider that the light is coming from roughly the same direction in each photo for the portrait to look convincing. If you are unsure if your photographs are suitable or will work together please contact us so we can take a look and discuss the requirements.

 Can you change the background?

Our portraits are typically created with plain backgrounds (in any colour you choose) as it emphasises the subject and keeps the feel and finish of the portrait simple and contemporary.
Backgrounds can be changed to suit your requirements but complex backgrounds may incur additional charges.

 Can I have certain features changed in my portrait?

We have been known to alter images to produce a preferred result (again not something that can be done easily on photographic prints) For example we have excluded an unsightly feeding tube in a babys portrait and removed a rogue cushion in a playful pet portrait.
Alterations may incur additional charges however, depending of the complexity of the task in hand. Please contact us for more information.

 Can you produce a colour portrait from a black and white photograph?

If you have a black and white photograph from which you would like a full colour portrait created it may be possible to achieve given provision of sufficient colour information (other photographs) regarding hair, eye, skin colour etc.
Again, this extra work will incur additional charges so please contact us with your specific requirements.

 What is 38mm gallery wrapped box canvas?

The term box canvas basically refers to the depth of the frame. Standard stretched canvas is about 19mm deep, box canvas is 38mm deep. We use high quality pre-stretched triple primed cotton canvas on 38mm depth frames for all our artwork. The canvas is secured neatly to the frame on the back and there are no unsightly staples to be seen at all.
We paint all sides of the canvas so the painting is attractive from all angles.

The depth and style of the canvas means that there is no need for additional framing (although it can look pretty cool if placed in another frame!) Portraits are supplied ready to hang. The frames are not heavy and, depending on the size of the canvas, can usually sit quite happily on a simple nail in the wall. Other methods of hanging can include mirror fixings or traditional picture hanging kits which can be picked up in local DIY stores for just a few pounds.

If you would like your portrait on a different type of material, for example canvas board or paper please get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

 I want to give a portrait as a gift, can I buy a Gift Card?

Yes, we have luxury Gift Cards available to purchase on our commission page.
They come in £10, £20, £50 and £100 denominations and can be redeemed against any commission (of higher value) the recipient may choose.

Gift Cards cannot be combined, if you would like a different denomination or to pay for a whole commission as a gift please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

 What are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are our beautiful, postcard-sized cards that are 'pre-loaded' with money to spend at www.BespokeCanvasArt.co.uk. Perfect for that person who is difficult to buy for, or if you simply can’t decide for them which picture they would like made into a portrait.
You can choose from £10, £20, £50 or £100 cards, each made from luxe, triple layered card featuring examples of our portfolio of work as well as details about our website. They also come with a luxury, plain white envelope ready to be dedicated in words of your choice.
Gift Cards can be redeemed online against any portrait commission which is higher in value (with the difference to be paid) and are valid for 12 months from purchase.

Gift Cards cannot be combined, if you would like a different denomination or to pay for a whole commission as a gift please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

 Is there an expiry date on my Gift Card?

Recipients have 12 months from date of purchase to redeem their Gift Card online against any commission of higher value (with the difference to be paid) To enquire about the expiry date of your gift card please contact us with your redemption code.

 Can I get cash back on my Gift Card?

Sorry, we can’t give you cash for your gift card or it's balance.
Gift cards cannot be returned or refunded.

 How do I redeem my Gift Card?

To redeem your Gift Card simply enter the redemption code found on the face of your card into the 'discount code' box at the checkout. Codes are unique and can only be used once.
The value of your card will be deducted from the value of goods in your basket.
Please note; gift card redemption codes will not activate (at payment) if the value of goods in your basket is equal to or less than the value of the card
(due to the limitations of our payment gateway you will not be able to checkout a £0 or negative balance)


 Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Bespoke Canvas Art gift cards can only be redeemed online at www.bespokecanvasart.co.uk.

Gift cards may only be exchanged for goods of a higher price than the face value of the card upon payment of the difference.
Unfortunately, due to the limitations of our payment gateway, gift card codes will not activate at the moment of payment if the checkout basket value totals £0 after redemption.

Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.

Gift cards are available in value denominations of £10, £20, £50 and £100.

Gift cards are valid for 12 months from purchase. After 12 months the unique redemption code will be deleted. To enquire about the expiry date of your gift card please contact us with your redemption code.

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any item purchased with a gift card.

Although you may purchase several gift cards in one transaction unfortuantely we cannot accept more than one redemption code at the checkout, for example a £10 and £50 gift card cannot be redeemed as £60 against a commission.
If you would like to purchase a bespoke denomination or pay for a complete commission as a gift please contact us for more details.

Gift cards should be treated as non-refundable cash. They are not cheque guarantee, credit or charge cards. Bespoke Canvas Art will not accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged cards. 

Bespoke Canvas Art reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of gift cards at any time and to take appropriate action, including the cancellation of the card, if, in its discretion, it deems such action necessary. This does not affect your legal rights.

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