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Guestbook added!

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While waiting to achieve 100 likes on the simulataneously launched facebook page I have been fiddling with the site again!
The elusive launch competition will have to wait until I get at least 100 people clicking that little thumbs up button! ;-)

So I have added a guestbook to the website instead! I always love to hear your feedback and so thought what better way than to make the site a little more interactive. The page contains a simple form in which you can leave your name, email address (not disclosed on the site) and comments and, once approved, it will be displayed in all its glorious splendour on the page!! hoorah!

If you have ever had a portrait from me (you may be getting an email to request your feedback) I would love to hear what you thought about it and if it was a gift, how did it go down with the recipient?

Portraiture is such a personal thing, sparking emotions that can sometimes surprise!
If you're feeling brave enough why not let others know about your reactions?!

P.S. get liking!!! ;-)

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  1. Liz Hoban

    Love the new website! I have seen loads of your portraits and wonder why you only have a couple on the new website? You need to show off your incredible talent. I have recommended you to all my friends!

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