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Facebook page competition launch!

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So we finally reached the target of at least 100 likes on the Facebook page within a week of it being launched! I'm so happy and grateful to all who have helped out! And as promised I have now launched the competition that I have been itching to launch since I opened the site and page....

On the website, you may have noticed, I have a portfolio of work. I have eight categories of painting, four of people portraiture and four for animal portraits. I am able to complete paintings in any of these styles but, as my clients are free to choose which styles they prefer, I haven't yet been able to build up my portfolio in certain categories.
To make this issue a little more complex, on my commission page I use an example of each type of painting for illustration. This is further complicated because I need to demonstrate prices for multi subject portraits - which I have no examples for! So I have had to put together some simple silhouette illustrations which, I hasten to add, are pretty basic!!

To cut a long story short, I need some example pieces to illustrate my categories and finish off my website!

Since pet portraits are the most in need of examples (for multi subject pieces) and since they are the most sought after and prettiest type of portrait! I have decided to launch a competition to find some subjects to paint!
I launched the competition on Facebook on Tuesday evening and have so far had a quite a few entries, but need many many more in order to achieve enough entries to choose a fair winner from. The details from the page are as follows:

To celebrate the launch of my new page and website here is the competition I have been itching to launch!!...

Hopefully you have all visited my new website as well as the Facebook page? if not why not?
Hopefully you like it!
However, you may notice that I haven't enough examples of certain portrait formats, for example I have no original photos of pet portraits in black and white and I also have no more than single subject examples
This has to change!!!
So... my competition is really just a plea for some really gorgeous photos of some really lovely animals so I can PAINT THEM and use them as my example portraits on my website!!

I want you guys to post photos of your pets to this wall, it doesn't have to be dogs. It can be cats, hamsters, rabbits, horses or lizards! literally any animal you like! But... it HAS to be a picture of YOUR pet (no stealing images from Google!)
I will run the competition for at least a week or so to give you all enough chance to invite your friends to join in! Then, I will draw up a short list and let you guys choose the best.....

The WINNER will get their pet immortalised in a hand painted portrait!*

Runners up will also get their pets portraits painted, but not for keeps. I need to also build up a supply of example pieces for when I do craft fairs so, although you may still get your pet featured, for now I will have to keep the painting (there will likely be an opportunity to purchase at a reduced price in the future however)

To clarify the rules:
1) LIKE the Facebook page
2) find/take a gorgeous photograph of YOUR pet - the clearer the photo the better
3) UPLOAD the photo to the page - straight onto the wall
4) SHARE a competition post on YOUR timeline - so your friends know about it too!

Once you have completed ALL four steps you are in with a chance of winning your very own pet portrait!!

I hope that all makes sense! Full details are on my blog on the website. Please message me if you need any further information!

*winning portrait will be in a size, format and colour of my choice - depending on the subject

An extra tip: make sure your photo is high resolution and in focus! It will give it a much better chance of being chosen as the winning portrait!!

As you can see, it's a pretty simple competition and cannot be easier to enter!

As well as finding new subjects to paint, I'm looking to boost the exposure of my website and Facebook page so really need people to share as many posts as they can and promote awareness of my product. This is the reason I have stipulated that entrants also share the page. Hopefully exposure will then become exponential and more and more people will become aware of what I offer!
fingers crossed anyway!

here are some terms and conditions for the competition:

+ competition giveaway is open to all to enter
+ no purchase necessary
+ entrants MUST 'LIKE' the Facebook page from their personal or business Facebook account
+ entrants can upload as many different photographs as they wish
+ if unable to upload a photograph direct to the page, entrants can direct message the photograph/s and they will be uploaded to the wall for them
+ entrants MUST ALSO SHARE one of the competition post/status onto their own Facebook timeline in order to be eligible to win
+ competition will remain open until I, the page owner, see fit (a closing date will be announced before it ends)
+ after the competition closes a shortlist will be compiled and posted to the Facebook page for 'likers' to vote for a winner
+ the winner will be notified by direct message and also advertised on the Facebook page and website blog
+ the winning photograph will be created into a portrait of my choice of size, colour and format - depending on the subject
+ the winning portrait will be completed as soon as possible after competition close, but commissions will get priority
+ the winning portrait will be shipped free of charge to UK mainland (anywhere else will incur a charge)
+ other submitted photographs may be used to create example pieces for the website - owners will be notified

I hope that covers everything!!

I would appreciate all the support from everyone who has taken the time to read this post and liked the Facebook page. I am already loving the pictures that are being uploaded to the page, and can't wait to see how many more we get!

Please feel free to contact me if you are experiencing any difficulties or have any questions about the competition.
And.... keep sharing!! :-) x

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