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Loyalty Scheme Trial

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So I have decided to launch a new trial scheme to promote the Facebook page and hopefully redirect people to the website. It's a loyalty scheme called 'Fan Crank' that rewards likers participation in my new page. I don't know how it will go down, considering I don't have too many likers right now, but I do think that I should reward people for putting up with my constant posting on the facebook page (I'm sure the 150 are getting pretty sick of seeing the competiotn post being repeated every few hours!)

Basically the app records everyones interaction with the facebook page and produces a leader board based on how many likes and shares people make/generate. Every month the person at the top of the leader board will receive a code that will generate a discount at the checkout when purchasing a portrait from the website!
For this first month the discount is 10% but, depending on how well this works, I may change it to more rewarding discounts in the future!

Let's see how it goes!!

K x

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